10 Tips to Shop on Amazon Without Credit Card

There are many people out there who refrain from using their credit card online. Now, this is largely due to the wide range of threatening online thefts that many individuals resist to buy any tempting product online. is a globally recognized retailer website that needs no introduction. It has everything that one would want to shop for and gain alluring benefits with multiple discounts. People again are concerned about using the credit card on and thereby, tend to look into the various buying options available at the website store.

Following are step-by-step instructions for you to consider about the multiple payment options on without using your credit card:

  1. Clicking on in your search bar, you’ll see the ‘Sign in’ or ‘New Customer? Start here’ guide. If you have a prior account, you need to sign in only while a new user would have to create a new account. Signing in requires only the email id and password while creating an account would follow a series of questions.
  2. Next, you can search the department of your choice and the desired item. You can search randomly to acquire some information about the available products by Amazon, however, if you already know what you require, simple type it down and press the ‘Go’ bar.
  3. If you are familiar with online shopping, every website has a shopping cart. At Amazon, you can easily add a product to your shopping cart. For any future transaction, you can also add a product to your ‘Wish List’. After adding it to your shopping cart, you just need to click on ‘Proceed to Check Out’ in order to finalize your decision.
  4. You would be asked for a shipping address. If you had mentioned it earlier while creating the account, you just need to confirm it. This is to assure your current shipping address since you might want to change it in the future.
  5. The shipping address would also include options like one day or two day shipping delivery. Hence, you always have custom delivery options at hand when shopping at Amazon.
  6. Then you would proceed to the payment options. Here, you will decide about the non-use of your credit card. The other option is about payment via stating your bank account details.
  7. Clicking on the ‘Pay With Checking Account’ means you are ready to transact you desired product through your bank account. You would then enter the name of the account, bank routing number, the driver’s license or the state ID card number. You would have to enter the checking account number twice and then proceed for formal checking out procedure.
  8. There are other options on Amazon like payment via money order, check; using Bill Me Later option and through a friend who might help getting an Amazon gift card. Options like Bill Me Later are feasible for ones who are not comfortable with a credit card usage online. They do not have to pay for anything instantly but require a good account credit nonetheless. There are certain terms and conditions that you need to select and if yes, your transaction would be further processed.
  9. Using the Money Order or the Check Option is regarded as a convenient option for international users. They just need to click on the option, type in the details and receive an address to where you are expected to send payment in order to receive the order. The order can be canceled any time within 30 days after its placement.
  10. Lastly, you can ask a friend to purchase an Amazon gift card that you can use in the future for any online shopping at the website store.

Reviewing the above options, you may now realize how easy and convenient shopping is at Amazon, even without credit cards.

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