More and more people are choosing to clean with less chemicals and homemade products that are safer for the environment. One of my absolute favorite ways of cleaning is with vinegar. You would be surprised with how well vinegar cleans and what it can do for you. Vinegar is also very inexpensive and by far one of the safest ways to clean your home and everything in it killing 99% of all germs. Vinegar is so efficient for cleaning because it consists of natural acidic characters at a very high level.

Here are some tips vinegar cleaning:

  1. Your coffee maker should be cleaned at least once every three months. Fill the canister with vinegar, let it soak for a few hours then run it. Then run a few pots full of water to get all the vinegar out.
  2. Clean microwave. Using a microwave safe bowl, add half cup vinegar/half cup water then turn on microwave and bring the to a bowl. This will help loosen food to easily wipe down and also get rid of any odors.
  3. Clean the inside of your refrigerator with half/half vinegar and water solution.
  4. Wipe down the top of refrigerator with full strength vinegar.
  5. Fill an ice cube tray full of vinegar, freeze, then put in your sink and run your garbage disposal while running cold water at the same time, this will clean and deodorize your sink.
  6. For cleaning the inside glass of your oven, pour vinegar on the open door and let it sit for about 30 minutes then wipe down.
  7. Spray your counters down with undiluted vinegar and wipe down. (Do not use on marble.)
  8. Clean your empty dishwasher monthly with one cup of vinegar and letting it run a full cycle.
  9. You can also add vinegar to the rinse cycle of your dishwasher instead of using a Jet Dry product.
  10. For really nice glassware, spray with undiluted vinegar and rinse in hot water. This also works for cloudy looking glasses but you will want to soak them in the vinegar for about an hour or so depending on how bad the buildup is.
  11. By mixing 2 tablespoons of salt with 1 teaspoon of undiluted vinegar this will clean any chrome fixtures that have lost it’s shine due to lime buildup.
  12. To rid of odors from a lunch box, add a vinegar soaked piece of bread and let sit overnight.
  13. Clean and deodorize food containers with a vinegar dampened cloth and wipe clean.
  14. Clean lime deposits out of a tea kettle with half cup of vinegar and fill the rest with water and let stand over night. If buildup is really bad then boil undiluted vinegar for a few minutes then rinse well.
  15. Clean stains from coffee cups by scrubbing with half salt and half vinegar and rinse well.

You want to be cautious when using vinegar on hardwood floors, it is not recommended, although light spot cleaning with half water and vinegar is okay. You also never want to mix vinegar with bleach, hydrogen peroxide, dish soap or anything containing ammonia.