Become Creative With Your Thanksgiving Table Decorations

You are having company and you want everything to be perfect, but your time is limited and you have tons to do before the big day. Here are some quick, simple and fun ideas to make your Thanksgiving table beautiful.

  • Make a floral center piece using a carved out pumpkin as your vase. Pick a pumpkin that is level and will stand up on its own. Clean out the inside. Place a bowl inside the cavity. Pick a bowl that is small enough not to show. Depending on the size of your pumpkin purchase a bunch or two of fall flowers from the grocery store. Arrange the flowers trimming the length of the stems so they are just taller than the pumpkin, place in the flowers in the bowl of water and you have beautiful arrangement you did yourself.
  • Here is an idea for pumpkin candle holders to match the pumpkin flower arrangement. Purchase 2 mini pumpkins and two 8 inch to 10 inch taper candles in fall colors. Carefully carve a hole into the top of the mini pumpkin making sure the hole is not larger than the candles. Place the candles into the pumpkin. Use real or silk fall leaves to place under the pumpkin and place them on either side of your flower arrangement.
  • Festive napkins easy and fun. Cloth napkins are best but nice paper dinner napkins will work as well. Simply fold the napkin so it’s in the shape of a rectangle. Take one stem of fresh rosemary and 2 fresh flowers (Mums or daisies are a perfect choice). Place them in the center of the napkin and tie with a colorful ribbon. Place this on each guests plate. The scent of the fresh rosemary and the fall color of the flowers will bring a festive mood to your table.

Thanksgiving only comes once a year, why not make the very most of it. This is how we create memories that last a life time. Happy Thanksgiving!

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