The best sound comes from a grand piano, but new ones are very very expensive. There are many things to consider and if you have the time to shop around you can find a great used piano at an affordable price.

When buying a piano:

  • Consider a smaller spinet, console or studio upright. These provide satisfactory sound for the majority of people and are a lot less expensive.
  • When buying a used one try to make sure that it is less then ten years old. Definitely do not buy one more then twenty years old.
  • If it is a used piano you should also have a piano tuner check it out.
  • Always test the piano before purchasing it. Play is by running up and down the scales. High notes should be clean and crisp and low notes should resonate.
  • Get your piano tuned at least every six months, but it needs to be done more frequently on a new piano.
  • Keep your piano in a cool, dry room, away from direct sunlight and not close to radiators, vents, or conditioners. Keep it at least four inches away from the wall to allow the sound to get out.
  • Get it professionally cleaned every three years and do not do this yourself.
  • Also be sure to avoid getting mothballs or any type of spray inside the piano.

Enjoy your new piano.