How many times have you started to wash your special holiday glasses only to have one or more get a nick or a crack? It happens every year. Face it most of us aren’t used to using our fancy glasses every day.

6 Ways to clean your treasured stemware:

  1. Always lay a double towel in the bottom or your sink. Do this before filling it with water or add any glasses.
  2. Take care and wash each glass individually.\
  3. Use dish washing soap sparingly. You need very little to clean your glasses. Hold the container portion of the glasses while washing. Gently wash the stem.
  4. If you have stubborn stains you can try using a small soft sponge with a handle to remove the stains. Avoid putting your hand in the container portion of the glass.
  5. Always rinse your glass carefully in hot water. Make sure to remove all soap residue. You don’t want to taste soapy wine!
  6. Let your glasses drain on a towel for a few minutes, then finish the drying process by using a towel that is lint free. Microfiber cloths work well.

Note: Red wine will stain a delicate stemware glass. If you are having holiday parties it is important to wash out each glass. Do not let them sit over night and allow the red wine to dry. Once the stemware is stained it is very difficult to remove the stain. If staining does occur try putting some baking soda in the bottom of the glass at a few drops of water and let sit for an hour or so.