How to Brush Your Pet’s Teeth

In this how to you will find some tips and simple steps on how to brush your pet’s teeth. Dogs and cats’ teeth are exactly like human teeth; therefore they need to be brushed on regular basis. These animals also can have tooth decays and diseases caused by bacteria, therefore it is very important to clean your pet’s teeth from time to time. If your pet has bad breath, that means that the mouth is full of bad bacteria and you might want to think about starting to clean your pet’s teeth on regular basis.

How to brush you pet’s teeth

  1. Cats and dogs have bad habits that they eat and swallow everything you put in their mouths or whatever they find on the floor; therefore you need to buy a specially designed toothpaste and toothbrush for your pet. Most pet stores sell toothbrushes and toothpastes for pets, so it’s easy to find them. Make sure that it doesn’t contain any fluoride.
  2. Once you buy the toothbrush and the paste that you need, you need to start training your pet to get used to you brushing his teeth. For this you might want to prepare some treats aside to give them to your pet later until it gets used to it. This is the hardest part to do, as pet’s don’t like it that much until they get used to it, if your pet is still young, this might be easier.
  3. Now you need to make sure that your pet doesn’t have any collars or some kind of restraining, so your pet feels more comfortable while brushing his teeth. Also keep the cleaning sessions brief so your pet doesn’t get frustrated or else it won’t look forward to brushing their teeth, and get the treat.
  4. If your pet likes tuna or chicken, use some tuna water or chicken broth and just dip your finger in it and rub it on your pet’s teeth so it enjoys the taste. Then put the toothpaste on the brush and let them lick it off the brush, and then brush their teeth with the toothbrush in an up and down motion to remove food scraps from their teeth.
  5. Make sure you don’t brush for longer than 50 seconds. Also stroke and pet your dog/cat while you brush their teeth and then when you have brushed you pet’s teeth, reward your pet with a treat.
  6. Every time you brush their teeth, increase the range by brushing more teeth until you can reach all of their teeth. Eventually after some practice, your pet should be fine with you brushing their teeth and might eventually even enjoy it.

Hope that these six steps gave you a better idea on how to brush your pet’s teeth. Also don’t forget to praise your pet a lot while brushing their teeth until they get used to it and start enjoying it and looking forward for it.

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