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How To Choose The Right Camping Gear

You may think it is easy to just go to the nearest outdoor store and buy all the camping gear you need, well it can be but if you do not buy the right things it could make a fun camping trip go down south fast.This is a long term investment in which you can get great deals but you also want to get quality stuff that will last.  Here are a few tips in helping you make the right purchases for you and your family.

What You Need For Camping:

  1. Allow about about 25 square feet of floor space for each adult and half of that amount for every child. So for a family of four, you want no less then 80 square feet of floor room.
  2. An umbrella tent is ideal. If folds up neatly to fin into the trunk of  the car and only weights about 24 to 40 pounds depending on the size. You want to try to stick to Nylon material.
  3. Make sure the tent provides good cross ventilation. Look for openings with sturdy mesh to keep out all the insects, and windows that close during a rain storm.
  4. The seams should be double stitched with 8 to 10 stitches per inch. Look for the material folded back on itself for extra waterproofing and strength, this is called lap-felled construction. Good quality tents have extra stitching at the stress points.
  5. When choosing  a sleeping bag you want to take into consideration that down is worthless when it gets wet. It takes hours to dry and can’t be used again until it is ruffled. Down must be dry cleaned and it is a dust magnet. Plus it is very expensive.
  6. Polyester on the other hand keeps two thirds of its insulating capacity when wet. It absorbs very little moisture, and dries very fast. Polyester sleeping bags are machine washable and they do not collect dust. Most polyester sleeping bags cost about half as much as you would spend on down.

Shop around and do some price checking. Look for warranties on items. Be careful when purchasing online, the quality may not be as good and after shipping and handling charges you may find it cheaper at the store. Buy all the important stuff first, then take your time on building up all the “bells and whistles”. Have fun!

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