Recession has brought a lot of blue for many skillful and talented people due to hiring and firing in companies. Having a full time job that pays you handsome amount is no less than a blessing. Yet, you cannot stick yourself to same kind of work for a very long time; time requires change. Capitalizing can be made effective by following these small steps that will be fruitful for your career.

  1. It Happens to Everyone: You know, this is something not really unusual. It happens to every other American on job to be dissatisfied with it and ready to take a new initiative to live a better life. If you want to know whether you are underemployed or not then observe yourself for sometime at work and see if your skills are being utilized fully. If not, that means you are underemployed. If you get bored at work or even if you are busy whole day, if you see that your skills are not being utilized the way you want, then this can lead you to go into depression too.
  2. Get out of your comfort zone: When you are new on a job, you are really enthusiastic about getting regular assignments but your boss or project manager who has already spent quite a few years in your firm, would not give you any work because of the slow season. Utilize this time in getting to know the company better and try polishing your existing skills. Don’t be lethargic and sleep on your desk when you are free, instead try to innovate something.
  3. Review your benefits: Chances are you will be briefed about all your health insurance benefits and allowances on the very first day of the job but that may seem too vague to you since understanding a big chunk of information all at once is not an easy task. Get in touch with the HR director and ask him about the benefits that are of your interest, for example training and travel allowances, gym facilities, etc. It is good to stay professional rather than being lousy at work.
  4. Roam around the office to explore the type of employees that work with you. Getting in touch with your colleagues and making good terms with them will not only benefit you but your peers also. They can get benefit from your skills and you can get benefit from theirs. The best way to go about it is to spend time in common rooms and cafeterias where a lot of employees socialize and chit chat. You might not need to keep your tone formal and you can completely be yourself in such premises. Having a look at the organizational chart will benefit you even more and will guide you about the right person to talk to.
  5. Plan and switch: Hopping to a new job haphazardly cannot be fruitful at all. It requires a lot of time and effort. If you are mentored by someone you trust who advises you to switch the job then go for it. Plan accordingly; switching is the least preferred option keeping in mind the current situation of the recession and job scenario. You can take career tests, keep looking for better opportunities and once your heart is ready to roll then start over.
  6. Adopt a hobby: School and college life is an amazing part of our entire student life. We learn a great deal of activities there that lose their charm once we get into professional life. After spending 8 hours at work, you need something to relax yourself so that you can think and plan better. You can cook, clean, write, do arts and crafts and what not. Once you get hold of your hobby, you can even turn it into a small business. For instance, there are ladies who like to bake cakes and on weekends they can bake cakes, sell them and earn a good amount of money. You can adopt such kind of hobby and make extra money too.