A sore throat can be uncomfortable as well as painful. Fortunately there are ways you can sooth your sore throat at home without the use of over the counter medicine.

Follow These Steps to Soothe a Sore Throat:

  • Opt for water that is room temperature or preferably warm over cold water. Cold water will constrict the throat and further irritate it.
    Gargle warm salt water as soon as you feel any soreness in your throat and often after symptoms occur. The salt will kill bacteria in the mouth and provide some relief.
  • Try teas that have lemon and honey For a homemade tea boil chopped ginger and let sit for five minutes. Add lemon and honey to taste and enjoy!
  • It is important not to over exert your voice. Speaking and swallowing will agitate your throat so rest your voice to give it a chance to recover.

Though painful, there is relief for a sore throat. Try these simple techniques and you will be feeling better in no time.